The Solution

SCNZ began using Addressfinder’s address verification service in 2018. They have the address autocomplete operating on their website, and they also regularly use our bulk verification tool to tidy up the addresses they receive from external agencies. SCNZ has found the address information collected through Addressfinder is extremely accurate, reliable, and well formatted.

With Addressfinder, SCNZ has saved an immense amount of time that was previously spent on correcting people’s addresses. The extra time has enabled more efficient recording of donations, receipting, and a greater focus on other important areas. There has been significantly less unsuccessfully delivered mail, which allows for quick and effective communications to their donors. SCNZ has also been able to maintain a great statement of accuracy which keeps their mailing costs low.

The bulk verification tool is a really quick method for us to clean our address data and get it all in the same format. Addressfinder makes sending mail to our supporters a lot more simple because we know the address is accurate.
Melinda McColl - Accountant at Save the Children New Zealand

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