The Solution

Addressfinder has been supplying address verification services to Loyalty New Zealand since 2012. Loyalty New Zealand uses Addressfinder’s address autocomplete widget to validate addresses when new people sign up to the Flybuys Programme, when they get a New World Club Card, and when existing customers change their address details.

Loyalty New Zealand has seen many benefits from using real-time address verification. They are receiving their desired high quality address data, which enables an efficient process of a member selecting their rewards and getting them delivered to their door. As a result, member experience has significantly improved, less time and money has been spent on resolving unsuccessful deliveries, and their suppliers have also benefited as Loyalty New Zealand is providing them with accurate address information.

We have been using Addressfinder for 10 years now which has ensured that we’ve got clean, high-quality addresses going through to suppliers. We’re happy when our members are happy and Addressfinder has definitely helped to enhance our member experience.
Guy Pilkington - Head of Member Technology at Loyalty New Zealand

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