The Solution

In 2017 Les Mills took on a major project to modernise and transform their systems. As a part of this, they implemented Addressfinder’s address validation service into their CRM and website. Since then, Les Mills have been capturing accurate and correctly formatted address information for their members which has contributed to improved business solutions and outcomes.

Not only has Les Mills cut back the number of unsuccessful mail deliveries, but they can now also accurately identify the impact a new gym will have on existing gym memberships and determine the likelihood of success for the new location. Using data to identify the best gym locations has been a breeze.

“We can rely that the address data from Addressfinder is accurate and formatted correctly. Because of this we have had a significant drop in mail bounceback, and have been able to make much better judgments on where to place new gyms.”
Mac (Brent) Nathan - Head of Technology at Les Mills

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